A journey out of time

History of the place

Map of Lure
A map of lure and its surroundings (18th century)

Located on the borders of the Ballon des Vosges of the Natural Park and the plateau of a thousand ponds, the hotel, made of the ashlar extracted from the local Lomontot quarry, was built almost 300 years ago, less than a century, after the attachment of Lure to France and Franche-Comté, under the reign of Louis XIV. At that time, the city had only four traffic lanes, including the Grande Rue, the current avenue de la République, where the hotel is located.


The building, constructed more precisely in 1750 by Francois-Joseph de Vault, son of a senior official at the court of accounts of Dole, the construction would have showed until the Revolution, the coat of arms of the family on its main façade. There is now only a distant memory: that of some sword...

A preserved charm

A view of Lure
Avenue de la République (formerly Grande Rue), in the 1890s. On the left, you can see the entrance porch of the hotel

If the outward signs of a conspicuous nobility do not exist, the abode on the contrary keeps within it all the splendour and the character of mansions of its time: parquet, wall panelling, moulding ceilings, open ornamental fireplaces...


And the renovations made to the rooms at your disposal, contribute carefully to maintain the memory of the place, while instilling just the right corresponding furniture, a touch of modernity...